Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back in the business

Well Well.....its been a lonng lonng time since I last blogged about my magical experience. Here you go guys and gals. Let me share my experience about the past six months!

Honestly, I dont know where to start from! I started my second contract for the Carnival Cruise Lines on the 24th of March 2011. My only goals to achieve were two things which back then, I thought, were impossible or unbelievable rather. To try hypnosis and pickpocket. My inspiration for these two ventures was one man called James Brown. He calls himself a "Professional Opportunist", which means he grabs any opportunity in his journey and turns it magical. After David Blaine, this man James Brown changed my whole view point of magic. Thanks to him.

So, here I go. Carnival Triumph was the next ship. I joined it at New Orleans, Louisiana. It was an old but big ship. I liked the ship the moment I started working in it! The people tipped me well! lol. It took me one painful month to dare to even THINK about hypnotizing someone. So, I did it. The fear of failure was all over me which caused a terrible lack of confidence in me. Yes, I failed to hypnotize the person. I was so disappointed that I didn't try it for the next 3 days. Well, thats how everybody starts....with a failure. But I noticed one thing, the initial hypnotic suggestions (the process of getting someone into hypnosis) had worked on the subject(person who is being hypnotized) even if it was my first try. After 3 days, I wanted to do it again and so I searched for some motivational quotes online to dig back my confidence. I tried it...and guess what??!! it worked!!! her name was Lisa. She was really in a deep trance! and then immediately the next day I tried it on a black guy. It worked again!!!! I was the happiest person in the world...or maybe in the ship. :D lol. The only problem with hypnosis is, it doesn't work on everybody. The reason is, hypnosis needs ppl who are suggestible, who have high imagination and most of all ppl who concentrate and relax well. So again there were some failures. So, I decided to start with mass hypnosis. The advantage of mass hypnosis is, the probability of number of hypnotized ppl is more.

check out the clipping below. They both are perfect examples of hypnotic subjects. I was able to make them strip dance (made them remove only their tops), made them completely forget all the languages and speak a complete nonsense language and more. checkout...its very interesting! :)

The next video below is my recent posting on hypnosis. Check it out. It is funny as hell!

So that was hypnosis. Its a relaxed state where you can suggest anything to a subject and he/she would genuinely believe that its true. But you can't suggest something against their code of living. I have seen on tv that people show that the hypnosis is dangerous etc etc. It's not true. Hypnosis can be done only with the subject's complete cooperation. How could you make some one do something against their code of living when wont cooperate? It's all false rumour. Dont buy it. But to be on the safer side, never agree to be hypnotized by a stranger.

Next in line was pickpocket....now this art needs a hell of a practice. I never did the traditional practice for the pickpocket, with the dummy or chair etc. As magician James Brown had said, practice this art on live audience, thats the best way. The concept of failure leads you to perfecting the art. Yes, I have had my failures in picking pockets as well. I even struggled a lot in succeeding to steal a watch right off a spectator. But now, I have become so good at it I just need to touch a person to steal something. This vacation is a problem sometimes coz you lose your practice ground. So, I hope my pickpocket skills are not rusted! :-S

Checkout how I steal their watches while I misdirect them with my magic!

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